Welcome to the Reid Creek Lodge, your private sanctuary nestled in the heart of the Laramie Range of the majestic Rocky Mountains! With 8,000 square feet of charming mountain design, seven exquisite bedrooms accommodating up to 22 guests, and a dedicated team of nine staff, this is the ultimate spot for an exclusive group retreat.

The Lodge extends the ethos of the Wild West, honoring its historical roots while providing a soothing environment that echoes the vast tranquility of its natural surroundings. Situated within a working ranch that sprawls over 300,000 acres, guests are invited to delve into an immersive itinerary, tailor-made to present authentic experiences and an intimate rendezvous with Mother Nature. From hiking, horseback riding, and fishing, to archery, e-mountain biking and overnight camping, the Lodge serves as a gateway to a rich variety of adventures!

Easy access to the property is assured with a comfortable journey from both commercial and private airports. Located only a scenic drive away from Denver, the Lodge guarantees complete privacy – the keyword here is PRIVATE!

Our clientele ranges from multi-generational families, couples seeking a romantic getaway, to corporate retreats. The Lodge’s expansive land, buyout style offering, and the all-inclusive curated itinerary makes it a perfect retreat for those looking to create lasting memories amidst the grandeur of nature.

Luxury Travel Advisors, take note! The Reid Creek Lodge is unparalleled in its geography, range of activities, and unmatched privacy. This unique property is ideal for groups that value meaningful connections and memory-making experiences, all delivered with the touch of luxury they deserve. So why wait? Help your clients uncover this hidden gem in the Rockies today!

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