In the ethereal sand dunes along Mexico’s dramatic San José del Cabo coastline, a place of mystery and magic awaits you. Here, fire ignites bold flavors; heat and sound heal; the sea becomes a playground of discovery; whims are indulged, and your place of rest transforms into a gallery of Mexican artistry. Welcome to Zadún.

A Journey through History and Tranquility

Experience a side of Los Cabos far removed from the bustling streets and lively nightlife of Cabo San Lucas. In San José del Cabo, a quiet sophistication echoes through charming streets where architecture speaks of Spanish colonization; murals narrate tales from bygone eras, and galleries display the works of contemporary artists who find inspiration in this tranquil town.

Reaching the Resort

Our resort is a convenient 35-minute drive from Los Cabos International Airport, approximately 30 KM away. We recommend private airport transportation for a seamless transition into the tranquility of Zadún.

The Zadún Experience

  1. Connection to Land and Culture: Zadún’s commitment to a deep connection to the land and culture is expressed through exclusive, bespoke excursions that traverse the land and sea. Guided by passionate experts, guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in traditions, people, and nature in unforgettable ways.
  2. Ambassadors of the Environment Program: Spearheaded by Jean-Michel Cousteau, this program aims to inspire guests to connect with and preserve the environment for future generations. Highlighting Mexico’s rich culture and unique ecosystem, it provides immersive experiences for children, adults, and families.
  3. Spa Alkemia: Our spa features signature treatments, including the Sound Healing Experience. This unique therapy uses music, sounds, and rhythms to induce a deep meditative state, promoting optimal health and wellbeing. Feel the music resonate throughout your body, creating an inner healing cellular sound massage

Who We Welcome

Our resort is a haven for all: couples, families, honeymooners, golfers, solo travelers, and more.

Why Luxury Travel Advisors Should Recommend Zadún

Zadún offers a true ultra-luxury experience in Los Cabos. Here, guests can connect with nature on their terms, whether it’s embarking on a desert walk leading to a hidden waterfall or savoring a romantic dinner under the stars. Zadún always presents new ways to discover the local community, history, and culture, making it an unforgettable destination for discerning travelers.

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