Out in the “wild wild west” is a lodge that makes visitors feel like they’re the star of an old western movie (with a bit of glam, of course). This unique experience is at The Lodge at Blue Sky.

While it is only half an hour from Salt Lake City, it feels like a secluded retreat. It’s a 3,500-acre ranch nestled into the Wasatch Mountain Range. This retreat is a place where guests disconnect from the chaotic world and reconnect with themselves and nature.

Our Ultimate Jet Vacations advisor recently visited this property to understand what the experience is like for guests. This guide will help travel agents make recommendations for clients interested in this property.

Overall experience

The overall theme of The Lodge at Blue Sky is that it is an escape into a secluded natural space.  However, your clients will not be roughing it. This property is not a “dude ranch.” Instead, it is a place that is ideal for guests interested in a private and intimate experience. The culture at the ranch is relaxed. You won’t find crowds of people hanging around.

The facilities at this hotel are very modern but have a western theme. There are plenty of amenities to entertain guests at The Lodge. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding, yoga, fishing, hiking, painting, and skiing during their stay.

The hotel has a boutique hotel feel – with about 40 rooms for guests. Onsite, there is a pool, fitness center, fire pits, farm, and spa.

Dining at The Lodge is very gourmet. There is a heavy emphasis on fresh local ingredients and quality. Every dish has a beautiful presentation and stunning views to match it. Portions are on the smaller side.

Overall, this property makes you feel very connected to nature and will leave you feeling refreshed.

It has a rustic farm feel without losing any luxury.

Hotel highlights

There are many highlights at The Lodge at Blue Sky.

One of these highlights is its breathtaking architecture. The property has a contemporary décor that compliments rather than competes with its natural surroundings. You’ll see many brown, beige, and green hues woven into its color palette that reflect the terrain around it.

Inside its buildings, there is plenty of natural light that comes through its floor-to-ceiling windows. As a result, the lodge is elegant but not stuffy. The natural colors from the outside are also in the interior spaces.

Another highlight of the lodge is its spa. Treatment rooms have the same ample natural light and spectacular views that the rest of the hotel has. After the treatment, guests can enjoy an infinity pool that seems to blend into the scenery behind it.

At the whiskey bar, there is an outstanding selection of drinks to sample. Mixologists craft tasty, custom-made cocktails for guests. The garnishes for the drinks come from the site’s harvest.

Finally, one unique highlight at this hotel is the complimentary Mercedes test vehicle program for guests. You can enjoy taking these cars out for a ride around the property.

Who is the property for?

This hotel is suitable for several types of clients.

Its remote location, intimate setting, and adult-friendly activities make it an ideal retreat for couples.

Not only can couples enjoy it as a honeymoon destination or hideaway, but they can also hold weddings there. It is the perfect romantic location for a rustic wedding. There are many facilities onsite to accommodate couples and their guests.

The lodge has unique offerings for wedding guests, such as private whiskey tastings, classy western-themed details, spacious venues (both indoors and outdoors), coordination, and custom wedding menu planning.

Couples who aren’t looking to get married and enjoy the facilities will love the elegant dining options, spa, and activities.

While there are more adults than children who typically visit this resort, it is also very family-friendly.

Kids’ imaginations will go wild, pretending that they are in the wild wild west. In addition, they can enjoy the many kid-friendly activities on the property, such as horseback riding, fishing, biking, and the Little Vaqueros Kids Camp.

The youngsters will have a great time interacting with other kids and learning to appreciate the gifts of nature.

This lodge has a little bit for everyone but is ideal for adults. 

Why should travel agents recommend this property?

Travel agents should recommend this property if they have clients looking for a semi-secluded getaway. In addition, it’s an excellent location for travelers who want to stay in the United States but do not want to go to a major city.

This destination is an excellent recommendation for those who want to connect with nature without roughing it. The lodge will help your clients disconnect without sacrificing any of their comforts. There is every luxury amenity at this hotel that you can imagine. It’s a particularly great recommendation for those interested in zen programs and mental wellness.

The accommodations at this property are very fitting to its unique environment. Rooms at this resort are just as serene as the outdoor facilities. Clients who enjoy amenities like rain showers, bathtubs, and light spaces would enjoy the rooms here. Families can also stay in larger rooms that have plenty of space for everyone.  Since there are only 40 rooms on the property, it’s an exceptional recommendation for clients who love boutique hotels and more intimate environments.


Overall, our advisor had a great experience at The Lodge at Blue Sky. This luxury, western-inspired resort elevates the rugged cowboy theme and turns it into a memorable experience.

The resort immerses guests into their experience and allows them to disconnect from the world.

Its natural beauty, stunning architecture, and unique activities make this place stand out.

Your client will have a lot of fun exploring this property’s expansive lands.

It will make them feel like they’re in an old western movie with a bit of romance and elegance sprinkled in.

Most importantly, they will leave with incredible memories of their time in Utah that will last them a lifetime.

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