Santorini is a stunning Greek destination that millions of people around the world love to visit. It’s a breathtaking place where you can see beautiful traditional buildings nestled within volcanic hills overlooking the water with endless shades of blue.

Needless to say, this place is pretty photo-worthy.

This beautiful island boasts some of Greece’s most Instagrammable spots. Santorini has impressive vantage points, unique architectural sites, and unparalleled natural beauty. It’s a destination that you don’t want to miss.

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of taking great Insta-worthy photos in Santorini. In this Instagram guide to Santorini, we’re going to let you in on a few photography tips and our favorite photogenic spots on the island.

Tips For Capturing the Best Santorini Instagram Photos

While there are endless places in Santorini to photograph, they’re not always easy to capture. Weather conditions, lighting, crowds, and other factors can prevent you from getting the perfect Instagram shot. Here are some tips that could help:

#1  Take photos at famous landmarks at sunrise

Santorini is a VERY popular tourist destination, particularly for cruise ships. You will not be the only person at any given attraction if you go during prime time. The lighting is too harsh anyway in the afternoon, so get up early to find the softest lighting and avoid other people.

#2 Take landscape photos at sunset

Santorini’s hilly landscapes and distinctive architecture make for some mesmerizing silhouettes. With these types of photos, you don’t have to worry as much about photobombers. Play around with your camera settings and experiment with the exposure to get the most dramatic sunset shots.

#3 Learn some basic composition techniques

Even learning a few essential composition concepts can dramatically improve your photos. There are so many ways that you can frame your shots. A few popular techniques include the rule of thirds, using negative space, using leading lines, and playing with textures and patterns. Try a few out and see what you like!

#4 Discover all of your phone or camera’s features

Cameras and camera phones come with so many features these days. You can optimize the quality of your photos by learning about everything your device can do. Play around with these before your trip so that you can hit the ground running.

Most Instagrammable places in Santorini

Three Blue Domes

Google Santorini, and you’ll see images of a spectacular blue dome church. While many famous ones are on the island, the domes on the Agios Spiridonas and Anastasis churches are the most photo-worthy.  If you want your own photos to share on your Instagram, you can find this marvel in Oia.

It can be challenging to find the perfect vantage point, but well worth the trek. 

Santorini Pink Church

This spot has appeared in countless magazines, postcards, and Instagram feeds. Only a tiny part of the church is pink where the bells are, but its white stairs and blue dome are highly recognizable.

You will have to pass by some private property and rooftops to get to this photo spot. Make sure that you are respectful and do not walk on the rooftops. 

Pink Kastro Oia Houses

A highly Instagrammed spot is the Pink Kastro Oia Houses. These unique pink houses stand out against the sea of white houses that surround them. From this hotel, you’ll find some of the area’s most incredible views.

Kastro Oia has terraces and steps that make for great photos. If you book a room there, you can take some outstanding Instagram photos in their hot tub or Jacuzzi swimming pool.

Byzantine Castle Ruins at Sunset

An impressive and very photogenic ancient relic is the Byzantine castle ruins at the Castle of St. Nicholas. This 600-year-old site has survived eruptions, wars, and earthquakes.

While the ruins themselves are beautiful, you can’t beat its stunning backdrop. There are panoramic views of Oia, the Oia windmills, and the sea from the top of the castle. The best time to take photos at this spot is sunset during golden hour.

Sunrise at Aspaki Exclusive Hotel

Nothing screams “I’m on a Greek vacation,” like snapping a sunrise photo on a walkway or ledge overlooking the water at the Aspaki Exclusive Hotel. This hotel has some of the most iconic Santorini views.

Find a spot on the walkway leading up to the hotel and capture some spectacular photos with uninterrupted scenery. Your backdrop will be the beautiful mountains, ocean, and colorful village buildings. If you’re staying at the hotel, its ledges are also Insta-worthy. 

Santorini Caldera View

Santorini is a volcanic island that sits on an impressive caldera. It is a four-mile basin with jagged rocks and cliffs that floats up to 1,000 feet above sea level. What you can see above the water is only the tip of the iceberg (or caldera),

You’ll find spectacular views of this caldera from any part of the island. When you return home, you’ll end up with some outstanding Instagram photos of it. 

Oia Doors

You might be wondering why we’re recommending taking pictures in front of a door. Oia doors are not standard doors.

You’ll find colorful, unique, and Insta-worthy doors all over town. These have all the shades in the rainbow painted onto them. Just make sure that you’re respectful if it’s a private residence. 

Rooftops of Oia

Oia’s rooftops are world-famous, and rightfully so. You can snap some outstanding photos with the rooftops as a backdrop.

Keep in mind that some spots are dangerous to climb, and make sure that you don’t climb on someone’s private property.

Sunset Cruise in the Caldera

A sunset cruise is not technically a spot, but you’ll get some outstanding caldera views while on one! Some of the best photos of the caldera are from a boat cruise in the water.

Not only will you capture some fantastic views of the island, but the boats are very Insta-worthy as well. There’s nothing better than seeing the sunset reflect off the water with Santorini as a backdrop.

Classic Greek Bells

Greek bells are beautiful! You’ll find them all over town on buildings, churches, and sometimes residences.

Often, iconic arches are framing them.

If you get above the bells, you’ll have an outstanding photo backdrop with beautiful ocean views. Sunrise and sunset are both optimal times to capture these beautiful bells.

Amoudi Bay at Sunset

The trek to get to Amoudi Bay isn’t the easiest, but it is well worth it.  Seeing the sunset here is incredible, and the photos you’ll take there will be beautiful.

It’s a steep bay with high, red cliffs. Nestled into these cliffs are shops, restaurants, and homes. These picturesque buildings overlook a bay with fisherman’s boats and deep blue waters.

Instagrammable Santorini

There you have it! Our list of top Instagrammable spots in Santorini.

We know that you’ll love visiting the island and taking your own beautiful photos.

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